About us

We are a specialist corporate & B2B PR consultancy.

Whether you’re an international brand wanting to be inspired by creative thinking and content, or an SME needing a strategic partner to help you shape your identity and narrative, we’ll make sure you express yourself in the most impactful way.

Let us translate your thoughts into a concept, campaign or content that stands out and provokes positive engagement with your brand or business.

Schon&co. was founded and is led by Jess Schon. Having spent decades at leading agencies, Jess has a wealth of experience developing strategies, content and award winning campaigns that result in meaningful brand interactions. She launched Schon&co. with the belief that corporate communications can be better.

At Schon&co. we believe that small, strong, highly skilled teams are far more effective than traditional big agency teams, with attentions split across many accounts. 

And in a world of change, we understand clients are looking for more efficient ways of operating, whilst still having the confidence that performance won’t be compromised.

That is why we bring together specialist teams who are specifically equipped to offer clients the services and skills they need to communicate better (and more efficiently!)

Our experience

We have decades of leading agency experience working with companies of all sizes across the globe.

Below we have referenced some of the brands we are working with today, as well as a few we have worked closely with in recent years.

If you’re keen to hear more about our experience, the work we do, or even have a chat about how we can help you,

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