March 2024

Welcome to the team Alessandra!

Meet our newest recruit, Alessandra Natale and hear what she is most looking forward to as she embarks on her journey with Schon&Co.

Exciting news at Schon&Co as we welcome recent University of Exeter graduate, Alessandra Natale to our team! 

Alessandra joins us from Clare Adler Luxury PR, where she worked as a Public Relations Assistant Intern, with a focus on CRM and work management solutions. 

A recent graduate from The University of Exeter’s Business School with a BSc in Marketing and Management, Alessandra also completed a content marketing internship at an IT consultancy, with responsibility for creating content across a variety of platforms, PR and communications, video production, SEO and competitor research. 

We chatted to Alessandra to learn more about her interest in corporate communications and what she is most looking forward to as she embarks on her journey with Schon&Co. 

How has your previous experience at the University of Exeter and internships shaped your approach to communications? 

“During my time at The University of Exeter and at previous internships, I've really come to appreciate how vital creativity is in communications. At first, I was a bit hesitant about sharing my creative ideas, as I was unsure if they'd be well-received. But through experimenting with different formats - like videos, animations, and images - I've seen firsthand how they can make messages more engaging, especially on social media. Now, thinking outside the box is second nature to me when developing communication plans.” 

“The industry has already taught me to take a more forward-thinking approach to my work and I’m excited to gain more skills and knowledge from the team and learn more about our clients and the different sectors they operate in.” 

What company values attracted you to join Schon&Co? 

“What first attracted me to Schon&Co is the fact that the team work across such a wide range of disciplines, formats and platforms; such as events, content creation and video production, as well as more traditional PR work. I knew this would be the perfect environment for me to gain exposure to and learn more about different types of communications across various sectors. Plus, I'm passionate about social media content creation, and Schon&Co offers a fantastic chance to dive into that world, which I have always enjoyed.” 

“I also wanted an environment where I could learn from colleagues and develop with the support of a friendly and experienced team. The company culture and values of Schon&Co as a business - especially around empowering women to thrive and grow their careers, whilst not compromising on the health and wellbeing of employees, in a flexible-first environment - was something that I knew would be right for me.” 

What are you most looking forward to as Junior Consultant at Schon&Co: 

“I am keen to learn and digest as much information as possible and I am looking forward to having exposure to so many different areas of corporate communications, supporting a mixture of businesses and brands with their campaigns and projects. I'm looking forward to collaborating with our clients, figuring out what makes their audience tick, and crafting content that not only engages but also leaves a lasting impact.” 

It’s fantastic to have Alessandra join the Schon&Co team, we can’t wait for her to get settled in. You can contact Alessandra at or on LinkedIn.

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